Saturday, July 16, 2011

Herman Cain Shines on Stossel

On July 15th, John Stossel devoted his entire one-hour program on the Fox Business Network to the fundamental question of whether a man with no experience in elected office ought to be seriously considered as a presidential candidate.  The man in question of course is Herman Cain who enjoyed an extremely successful career as a leader and problem-solver.

This is the third episode for Libertarian-leaning John Stossel to devote an entire program to a given presidential hopeful.  Previously he has interviewed Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

Report to your TV or DVR - Do it now!

Depending upon your time zone, you might be able to catch this being re-aired tonight.  It is scheduled to run again Sunday night as well.  Report now to your television (and DVR if you have one - you'll want to see it again and invite others over to see it with you).  We've been trying to answer the question of exactly "Who is Herman Cain?"  Here in Stossel's program we get an opportunity for him to introduce himself to us directly.

Rather than tease you unnecessarily, let me simply state that Mr. Cain is candid, forthright and altogether comfortable not only with who he is but also with his vision to restore America's hopes.  Additionally, he comes across as someone who genuinely likes people; as someone who is friendly, trustworthy and perhaps most of all, competent. 

Herman Cain Must Be Doing Something Right

While we're still getting to know answers to our question, "Who is Herman Cain?", the glitterati ΓΌber-haters came out in force this week to disparage anything and everything about the long-shot presidential candidate.  They've had their work cut out for them however as Herman Cain continues to lead all others by a substantial margin in "Positive Intensity Score" for Gallup's latest weekly poll of GOP Top Contenders  As previously noted (and with sincere apologies to the jingle-writers who still make their memorable advertisements run in our heads), the primary reason for this is that virtually "nobody doesn't like" Herman Cain.

Leader, Problem-Solver and... Gospel Singer!

Earlier this week, Maurice Atkinson, head of the grassroots organization Draft Cain, released on-line a gospel album recorded some years ago by Herman Cain.  It turns out that in addition to his proven abilities as a leader and problem-solver, Mr. Cain also has a rather mellifluous voice.  The album, entitled Sunday Morning features a pleasant mix of classic hymns and toe-tapping upbeat affirmations sung by one who clearly knows the song of a soul set free.  For those who appreciate such music, check it out at!/artist/artist_songs/1686160.
Well, to any number of detractors, the very fact that Cain unabashedly sings of his faith is cause for unbridled derision.  Various pundits and others of the HuffPo crowd responded in force on Twitter.  They undoubtedly would also be displeased that Mr. Cain serves as an associate minister at Atlanta's Antioch Baptist Church view which he joined at the age of 10.

Iowa HQ opens up in a "Cheap Strip Mall"

Amid appropriate local fanfare, the Cain Campaign opened its Iowa headquarters in Urbandale on Tuesday.  While the media talking heads spoke mostly of recent staffing departures in Cain's Iowa team, one dear person from Des Moines tweeted to the world that Cain had opened up in a "cheap strip mall".  I don't recall for certain but she may have called it "run down" as well.  With its wide green-belts and neat landscaping, the location looked anything but cheap or run down.  This tolerant and otherwise open-minded individual probably doesn't care much for the offices of fellow candidate Michele Bachmann either.  According to an article in the Iowa Republican, her offices are located "about 100 paces from Cain's door".  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello to those Cainiacs at 8550 New York Avenue in beautiful Urbandale.

Chalk it all up to the gibbous moon?

As the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue continues his efforts to "fundamentally transform" America from what it was just two short years ago, what shall we make of this week's attacks on the candidate they would all prefer to just ignore?  Herman Cain and his growing army of supporters must be doing something right to set off his detractors over such trivial issues.  On the other hand, perhaps it can be explained by the waxing gibbous moon.  If that's the case however, there's sure to be more nonsense coming as I look out at the now full moon.  Stay tuned; it's a long way to the primaries...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day-by-Day, America is Meeting Herman Cain

Despite long odds and the media doing its level best to ignore him, slowly but surely America is beginning to be able to answer the question: Who is Herman Cain? 

On the weekly Gallup poll of GOP Top Contenders, Herman Cain continues to lead all others in what they call their "Positive Intensity Score" which is defined as the percentage of respondents with a strongly positive opinion minus the percentage of respondents with a strongly negative opinion, based only on those respondents who recognize the candidate.  It's an interesting interactive website that is worth looking at from time-to-time at .

It is significant to note that while all the other candidates (plus one might-be candidate, Sarah Palin) have some who hold strongly positive opinions of them and others who hold varying levels of strongly negative opinions, one lone candidate has something the others can only wish for - an entire base of folks who, if they've learned enough about him to recognize his name, hold a strongly positive opinion of him!

That man is none other than Herman Cain.  Said another way, everyone who knows something about him, likes him and they like him a lot!  By contrast, newly-announced candidate Michele Bachmann saw her Positive Intensity Score fall 4 points (from 24% down to 20%) in the week she placed herself in the running for the GOP nomination.

Gaining Ground In Recognition As Well

Perhaps even more encouraging for Herman Cain followers however is the fact that he is also gaining ground in terms of recognition by the general public.  Since his name first appeared in the poll back in March (when only 21% of the respondents knew anything about him), he is now known by 48% of those polled by the Gallup organization.  This must be good news for everyone who hopes this accomplished gentleman from Georgia can bring his proven leadership skills to a nation that continues to pay for the price daily for the policies and decisions its leaders have inflicted on America's once vibrant economy.

There must none-the-less be hope however.  Why even today, the Los Angeles Times itself referred to Herman Cain in its headline as "the 'Common Sense' Republican Candidate."  Clearly, that sounds like an endorsement to me.  Comment and tell me what you think it means...