Saturday, July 16, 2011

Herman Cain Shines on Stossel

On July 15th, John Stossel devoted his entire one-hour program on the Fox Business Network to the fundamental question of whether a man with no experience in elected office ought to be seriously considered as a presidential candidate.  The man in question of course is Herman Cain who enjoyed an extremely successful career as a leader and problem-solver.

This is the third episode for Libertarian-leaning John Stossel to devote an entire program to a given presidential hopeful.  Previously he has interviewed Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

Report to your TV or DVR - Do it now!

Depending upon your time zone, you might be able to catch this being re-aired tonight.  It is scheduled to run again Sunday night as well.  Report now to your television (and DVR if you have one - you'll want to see it again and invite others over to see it with you).  We've been trying to answer the question of exactly "Who is Herman Cain?"  Here in Stossel's program we get an opportunity for him to introduce himself to us directly.

Rather than tease you unnecessarily, let me simply state that Mr. Cain is candid, forthright and altogether comfortable not only with who he is but also with his vision to restore America's hopes.  Additionally, he comes across as someone who genuinely likes people; as someone who is friendly, trustworthy and perhaps most of all, competent. 

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  1. We love Mr. Cain!
    Cindy and Tom Randall
    Atlanta, Ga.