Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daddy, Do They Still Lynch Uppity Black Men?

Daddy, do they still lynch uppity black men?

Well son... sadly, they do - or at least they try to.  Some folk who are in power don't much like it when a black man comes along and challenges the status quo.  It's particularly so when that black man has a lengthy history of successfully fixing things.  If that black man also actually has a solid plan to help people - ALL people - free themselves from the shackles of an oppressive government... well, he must be stopped at all costs.

Oh, they don't do it the old-fashioned way with ropes anymore. Now they do it with press conferences.

Here's how they try to do it.  Find a slightly chunky white woman and fix her up with lots of make-up.  Be sure to give her a nice new hair style - lots of soft waves (try to make folks think of a young Farrah Fawcett in that famous poster from the 1970's).  It's also important to scrub her Facebook page and any other social media info that might actually reveal anything factual about her.  Just before the press conference, don't forget to go over to and reserve a domain name to prime the cash register that's sure to be busy soon.

It's also important to use the right spokesperson to trot out the poor blond victim before the reporters (who eagerly await their role in the lynching of the innocent black man who has the audacity to think he can become the President that THEY DIDN'T CHOOSE).  Find an attorney who is skilled at character assassination and who thinks nothing of destroying those who don't fit his or her political leaning.

Once all the pieces are in place, all the portly blond with the new makeover has to do is concoct a salacious tale involving the innocent black man from 14 years ago and go public with it - and... CHA-CHING!!  The black man is destroyed, the people who would have voted for him won't be able to and, equally important, the blond woman and her attorney can rake in boot loads of cash.

It doesn't matter a bit that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can either refute or corroborate what she says.  The stereotype of a blond white woman victimized by a black man recalls the very ugliest images of days gone by.

That's terrible Daddy!  What can we do?

Well, it'll be very hard for the innocent black man to overcome this injustice.  Unfortunately, for a lot of folks, just an unsubstantiated allegation will be enough to decide he must be guilty.  I suspect he'll continue to fight wretched claims like these and try to re-direct attention back to his plans to put Americans back to work so they can save their homes and feed their families.  But it takes a lot of money to get that message out.

The folks in power aim to stay in power and they have way, way more money than the innocent black man with his remarkable plan to save America.  Although the folks in power have untold billions to spend to keep us on our downward spiral, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

We can make our own donations so that the innocent black man can continue to get the truth out.  Many, many small donations from tens of thousands of ordinary Americans are far more powerful than the filthy lucre of a handful of fat-cat cronies and puppet-masters who don't want this particular black man to lead America. It's really easy and it just takes a minute. Here's how:

If we want the American people to have the opportunity to decide whether Herman Cain ought to be our next President, we must let those in power (and especially in the media) know how we feel.

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