Friday, July 8, 2011

Day-by-Day, America is Meeting Herman Cain

Despite long odds and the media doing its level best to ignore him, slowly but surely America is beginning to be able to answer the question: Who is Herman Cain? 

On the weekly Gallup poll of GOP Top Contenders, Herman Cain continues to lead all others in what they call their "Positive Intensity Score" which is defined as the percentage of respondents with a strongly positive opinion minus the percentage of respondents with a strongly negative opinion, based only on those respondents who recognize the candidate.  It's an interesting interactive website that is worth looking at from time-to-time at .

It is significant to note that while all the other candidates (plus one might-be candidate, Sarah Palin) have some who hold strongly positive opinions of them and others who hold varying levels of strongly negative opinions, one lone candidate has something the others can only wish for - an entire base of folks who, if they've learned enough about him to recognize his name, hold a strongly positive opinion of him!

That man is none other than Herman Cain.  Said another way, everyone who knows something about him, likes him and they like him a lot!  By contrast, newly-announced candidate Michele Bachmann saw her Positive Intensity Score fall 4 points (from 24% down to 20%) in the week she placed herself in the running for the GOP nomination.

Gaining Ground In Recognition As Well

Perhaps even more encouraging for Herman Cain followers however is the fact that he is also gaining ground in terms of recognition by the general public.  Since his name first appeared in the poll back in March (when only 21% of the respondents knew anything about him), he is now known by 48% of those polled by the Gallup organization.  This must be good news for everyone who hopes this accomplished gentleman from Georgia can bring his proven leadership skills to a nation that continues to pay for the price daily for the policies and decisions its leaders have inflicted on America's once vibrant economy.

There must none-the-less be hope however.  Why even today, the Los Angeles Times itself referred to Herman Cain in its headline as "the 'Common Sense' Republican Candidate."  Clearly, that sounds like an endorsement to me.  Comment and tell me what you think it means...  

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  1. Great article Patty, These two articles go with those Gallup Numbers...The articles are a couple of months old...

    Was Written about this article:

    The part I like Best:
    [T]his measure--a candidate's polling adjusted for name recognition--has a reasonably good track record. It would have identified winners like Michael Dukakis and John Kerry relatively early in the process, as well as Bill Clinton by the time he officially entered the race in November 1991. ...

    Basically Mr. Cain is the front runner, minus some name recognition!

    CainTastic! I added you to my blogroll Patty!